"The very first step in understanding what this is all about is giving up the concept of an active, volitional 'I' as a separate entity and accepting the passive role of perceiving and functioning as a process." - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Everything is Spontaneous

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

It is only when the identity with the body-mind has been firmly rejected and identity with the consciousness has been thoroughly established that what I say will have any meaning

What you are is unlimited, which is not susceptible to the senses. By limiting the self to the body you have closed yourself to the unlimited potential which you really are. In meditation it is consciousness which meditates on itself and remains within itself.

If you accept what I have told you, then you do not delivery of what is happening spontaneously in the world, and you are not concerned with either the cause or the effect. You then accept your true nature. Whatever actions take place through the body will take place independently of that which you really are.

Bear in mind that when this life force (that which is the breath and consciousness) leaves the body, it will not seek permission from anything. It came spontaneously and will leave spontaneously; that is all that happens in that which is called death. There is no one who is born or who will die.

Q: As I understand it, the purpose of life is merely to understand that what has been manifested and what is functioning is the universal consciousness. Other than understanding, there is nothing to be done. Is this correct?

M: Correct. Everything is spontaneous, automatic, natural, it is only the concept of  'me' and 'mine' that is the bondage.

When simple people like you are here, I am at peace, not disturbed, but when people come who consider themselves jnanis, who have the pride of knowledge and wish to show off their knowledge, then there is disturbance.

Q: This is a very high kind of knowledge, at a very high level; until it is absorbed what should an ordinary man do?

M: So long as there is receptivity, a deep desire to understand it, there is nothing to be done. The knowledge itself will result in whatever is to result. It is not mental or intellectual caliber that is required, but an intuitive sense of discrimination.

So, now you are not the body, having a accepted it, can you continue to identify with the body?

Q: Do body and mind have an importance?

M: Everything has its importance.

Q: Must we not take care of the body?

M: One takes care of something with which one identifies, but you have nothing to do with body-mind anymore, so why are you concerned in taking care of them?

When you are the space, you are no more the body, but whatever is contained in the space, and the space, you are. You are now manifest - whatever is known - the space. This space is known by chidakash. When you are the chidakash, you are subtler than the physical space, expansiveness is more. A jnani  transcends in various stages these subtleties, skies, spaces. In chidakash, he is still confined, still conditioned by thinking "I AM", therefore the next is paramakash. Paramakash is the highest, in which there are other akashes - seven. In chidakash this knowingness is "I AM". In paramakash, there is no is or is not, it transcends everything. 

सर्वभूताधिवासं यद्भूतेषु च वसत्यपि।
सर्वानुग्राहकत्वेन तद्स्म्यहं वासुदेवः॥

That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings,
who is the giver of grace to all, the Supreme Soul of the universe, the limitless being:
I AM THAT. -- Amritabindu Upanishad