"The very first step in understanding what this is all about is giving up the concept of an active, volitional 'I' as a separate entity and accepting the passive role of perceiving and functioning as a process." - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Simplest Method: You Are, Just Be There

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
November 30, 1980

Q: Who can get spiritual wisdom?
M: Except you, who could you that be? You and you alone. Who could ask 'who am I' but you? If the questioner "I" is not there, who is going to ask questions? This is the culmination of spiritual knowledge for you; you need not come again.

Q: I like to be with Maharaj.
M: You can sit here. Now whether you live one year or a thousand, the result will be this only.

Q: Maharaj answers my questions before I ask them.
M: Initially you accept what other people say but in due course, whatever is accepted is thrown overboard.

Q: I cannot have any experience of how beingness came into being because I have no knowledge of what existed before being.
M: This knowledge is very simple and, at the same time, very profound. Who will know all this process, the appearance of the knowingness, and finally its disappearance? The one who understands this reaches the state of Sat-Guru, but an ordinary person cannot understand this. Sat-Guru is not the child of human parents. To know these secrets, to understand these secrets, you surrender to the very principle "I Am", and that consciousness alone will lead you to this. Presently, stabilize in the consciousness. If you don't do that, your very concepts will be very dangerous to you - they will throttle you to death. The knowledge you are is the source of all energy, the source of all Gods, of all types of knowledge.

Having heard these talks, you need not come again, you have only to abide in that consciousness you are, that very dynamic principle because of which everything is. Stabilize yourself therein. Confirm your stability there. You are only that. This is the simplest method: you know you are, just be there.

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सर्वभूताधिवासं यद्भूतेषु च वसत्यपि।
सर्वानुग्राहकत्वेन तद्स्म्यहं वासुदेवः॥

That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings,
who is the giver of grace to all, the Supreme Soul of the universe, the limitless being:
I AM THAT. -- Amritabindu Upanishad