"The very first step in understanding what this is all about is giving up the concept of an active, volitional 'I' as a separate entity and accepting the passive role of perceiving and functioning as a process." - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Friday, February 23, 2018

Become One with the Underlying Unity

Sri Annamalai Swami

An elephant is made out of wood. If we see it as wood, it is wood. But if we get caught up in the name and form, we will see only an elephant and forget that its underlying nature is wood.

All is your own Self. This form is different; that form is different. This is more powerful; this is worse. These are all judgments you make when you see separate objects instead of having true vision that all is an undifferentiated oneness. There may be different varieties of light bulbs, but the current that activates and sustains them is the same. You must learn to become one with this activating current, the unmanifest Self, and not get caught up in all the names and forms that appear in it.

Here is another verse from one of the siddhas:

'Because of your ego you are going to the forest to look for spiritual light. You are looking for this darshan of light in Badrinath and other Himalayan pilgrimage places. These things are the illusion of the mind. They depend on the states of the mind and the functioning of the mind. That which you are searching for is within yourself.'

Bhagavan wrote in Ulladu Narpadu, verse 11: 'Knowing all else without knowing oneself, the knower of objects known, is nothing but ignorance. How instead can it be knowledge?'

All the information the mind accumulates and all the experiences it collects are ignorance, false knowledge. Real knowledge cannot be found in the mind or in any external location. The mind sees through the colored glasses, and what it sees is tinted and tainted by that color. If your mind is in a spoiled and disturbed condition, the entire world will appear to be in a spoiled and dis tubed condition. If your mind is crystal clear, everything will appear to you to be clear and peaceful.

Your most important objective must be realizing the Self. If you have not done this, you will spend your time in ignorance and illusion. You, your mind, this world - they are all maya. Don't become a slave to this maya. Instead, realize the Self and let maya become your servant.

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सर्वभूताधिवासं यद्भूतेषु च वसत्यपि।
सर्वानुग्राहकत्वेन तद्स्म्यहं वासुदेवः॥

That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings,
who is the giver of grace to all, the Supreme Soul of the universe, the limitless being:
I AM THAT. -- Amritabindu Upanishad